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I wanted to buy Garmin Nuvi 760 from this company.

In the morning of Sept. 9 I called HDCameraWorld and asked whether the Garmin 760 unit is in stock, because I wanted to have it by Friday of the same week. Joe told me it was in stock and asked me to place the order on-line and call him back at extension 229#. I did as he asked and received an email confirming my order. When I called back Joe told me the package was right in front of him, he was going to ship it immediately and I will certainly have it by Friday. This was preceded by a lengthy discussion where he was trying to sell me a 3-yr warranty (first for about $99 and than he offered it at about $69). I declined whereupon he tried to sell me the current maps, because the unit came with 2005 maps. I told him I already have the 2009 Garmin maps disk and didn't need to buy it; in addition, Garmin is providing up-to date maps for any purchase made at this time. After all this Joe stopped pushing and assured me I'll have the unit by Friday Sept. 5 (I did pay for 2-day air shipping).

Today, Sept. 4, 2008, I checked their website and my order showed as "processing." I called Joe to find out what's going on and, to my dismay, he stated he no longer had the unit because he sold it to a "better buyer" and all he could offer is a unit with 2009 maps for $369. I asked that he deliver on his confirmation of the purchase cost and shipping of the unit as originally agreed upon. Joe’s response was that he will cancel the order and he hung up.

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HDCameraworld - You were lucky to cancel your order.

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I was not so forturnate. I should have known that $189.00 for the Fujifilm camera I returned to Walmart because it was $349.00 was too good to be true.

I was so anxious to get this camera that I called them to clarify their confusing warranty on their website. I talked to Joe. He said, "do you want to purchase this camera". I said yes and he took my credit card information. Then he start telling me that the battery i

that comes with the camera is for single use only. I should have known better because I tried out the camera that I purchased from Walmart and the battery certainly worked. But Joe is a fast talker and he told me he would give me a 5 year warranty for the price of a three year and I would save the difference between $129.00 for the 5 year and the $89.00 for the 3 year. I thought Ok! Then he said he would include the 5 hour batteries and that I would really like using them because they lasted so long. I asked how much all of this would be and he gave me a total of $412.00. I said I didn't want to spend that much and he quickly said he would also send the battery charger and give me reduced shipping. Of course there is nothing to look at, no invoice etc. I hung up feeling like I had been tricked so I immediately called back to cancel the whole thing. I asked for Joe this time and he said you are too late I already shipped your order.

The camera arrived three days later but it was not the camera that I ordered. It was not a new camera and the loose camera battery was floating around loose in the camera box. There was a disk with a 3 year warranty not a 5 year one. There was a 4pack rechargeable battery package with no way to determine what it was worth. The camera was a far less expensive model. Needless to say there was no itemized invoice but according to my figures it should have only been $382.00 not $412.00.

I shipped the camera back at my own expense of $19.00 with a signature required by the UPS man. They received the camera over two weeks ago. They still haven't credited my card for the $416.00. I keep calling and they keep saying they need 24 hours to process it but that was two weeks ago.

Stay away from these people!!!!!!!

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Made an order with HDCameraworld.com with payment info and all details needed to process order.

Company sent me an email wanted me to confirm order???? (Why??I gave them a firm order.)

When tried to confirm, transferred 3 times and finally left on hold-I hung up.

Sent email to HDCameraworld-no response.

Finally, called today and got someone but they said I had not confirmed order so they had not shipped.

Even after I said I had tried, I still would have had to be transferred again to get shipment of order so I just cancelled my order.

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